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Arrin Turnmire

Arrin Turnmire is a “jill” of all trades! Her repertoire includes; mom to twin boys Finnigan and Graham, wife, high school art teacher for almost eight years now, fabric designer, co-owner of Little Figs, world traveler, and she even had a short stint as a girls’ golf coach. Funny story…you should ask her about the golf coaching thing some time!

Arrin has been designing fabric for Moda for a while now, and she feels that since she has become a mother, her own style has become more grounded, warm, and personal. “Each time I design a children’s fabric line for Moda, I try to imagine what colors and styles would appeal to other mothers.” Her lines are also inspired by travel, nature, and the images she draws for Little Figs. Arrin’s own mother, Deb Strain, has been a huge inspiration to her. “My mom is so talented! I learn new things from her every day. I grew up in a house where creativity was encouraged in every aspect of our lives, and not every kid gets to experience that sense of support in their home. I feel very lucky.”

Even though she has a very full and rich life, she decided to add entrepreneur to her list of things to do. “In all of my spare time ;), my partner and I decided to start a business called Little Figs. We came up with the name of our clothing business by combining Finn + Graham = Fig.” Arrin draws and hand screen-prints all of her images onto children’s clothing. “I am very passionate about this aspect of my career, and of course the adorable and cozy images are inspired by our twin boys.”