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Fig Tree & Co.

I clearly remember creating my little colorful painting “masterpieces” in the backyard when I was 9 years old and then walking around the neighborhood convincing all of our neighbors to buy them. I guess in thinking back, you could say that both art and marketing has been in my blood since I was very young!

When we emigrated to the U.S. from Poland in 1975, my dad had a few thousand dollars in his pocket, a desire to make a better home for his family and a passion for creating a small business. My sister and I grew up working for the family business in one way or another until we moved away from home. My dad still loves to talk “business talk” whenever we see him but now it’s Fig Tree that we are talking about!

My desire to create something almost always starts with the color inspiration itself. Beautiful color combinations are everywhere if we can train our eyes to see them. A few colors that we see everyday, suddenly look fresh and new when put together into an unexpected grouping. I love that!

My designs, both for fabric & for quilting, always start with the color palette. I work with vintage fabric swatches, my flower garden, wrapping paper, children’s illustrations from the early part of the last century, flea market finds, antique quilts to start finding colors that speaks to me. The palette dictates the designs themselves and slowly a collection grows. I call myself a hybrid fabric designer. I like to use many different mediums and techniques to create my designs including vintage fabrics, painting, computer, line drawings, just to name a few. Hope you will come & experience some of that Fig Tree look at or for the latest happenings & inspirations visit my blog “Fresh Figs” at