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Kate Spain

Most mornings I'm up with the birds, excited and curious to get to the drawing table – sharpened pencils, paper, felt pen, paintbrush, and a blank piece of paper. Each day presents unique opportunities and surprises.

I find inspiration in Nature – an unlikely color combination that lures me, a simple flower that I’d never looked at so closely before, random patterns – sandpiper tracks, fern fronds, willow buds. In the studio, I try to translate these natural shapes, light, and colors into designs.

I attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where I began to refine my visual voice through drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, glassblowing, and graphic art. Since graduating, I’ve continued to develop and expand my visual voice through experimentation, travel, and by always keeping my sense of wonder.

For 15 years, I've designed successful products and collections for global manufacturers and retailers, while staying true to my creative convictions and not losing sight of market trends, budgets, and consumers.