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Lauren + Jessi Jung

When you think of this "daughter-mother" team, think "young." That is the pronunciation of their last name. Lauren is an artist—Jessi, a quilter. But it wasn't until recently that they decided to combine talents.

Lauren began creating as a child, occupying her time with construction paper, scissors, and scotch tape... lots and lots of tape! These hobbies developed into passions and after one semester of college, she decided to make art her major and eventual career. Lauren graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Furman University, followed by a graduate degree in graphic design from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Currently, she is enjoying her first job within the professional world at G2 Interactive of NY where she is working as a web designer. Every ounce of her spare time is spent on the phone with her mom, planning out their next great idea.

Jessi learned to quilt in 1999, when she convinced her friend and neighbor, Connie, to teach her to quilt. They went on to design and sell quilt patterns, as well as develop a quilt planner, labeled PLAN BEE.

One day, Lauren said, "I have a great idea. Let's design our own fabric line!" And that was the beginning. It has been great fun! Lauren works solely from her laptop, while Jessi uses sketch books, graph paper, and colored pencils. They have a long distance partnership, as Lauren lives in Phila. and Jessi is from Spartanburg, SC. But they get together as much as possible to work on future lines for Moda.